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This week I had fun exploring one of the most important elements of a UX strategy and

co-incidentally of any product.

The question of "Who is this for?" comes up in all aspects of experience design whether it's customer, Brand, Technical, or user experience design. At this very moment in design, this can be the difference between having a pretty product that no one uses or an unattractive one that people need on a day- to day basis.

For most top digital marketers it is an integral part of a webinar sales pitch as the future of that product relies on the successful adoption and the positive reviews of its users. Like with mobile apps, these results dictate revenue and the life span of the product and maybe the business.

I know I've said it earlier but I had fun exploring personas and I can't wait to see how creative and deep I can go into them based on the mission of the project.

Until next time.


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