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90 MPH Into a Workflow Roadblock

This week it has become apparent that I have show more respect to a new arch-nemesis of mine ; " The UX work flow". I was faced with a project to execute something simple and I over thought the mission. So much so that I completely shut down. Keeping into consideration there were a few outside occurrences that distracted my chain of thought.

My reserved self cannot accept that as a reason why I didn't present something that I could be proud of. I'm 100% over thinking this - ( I do this a-lot and it annoys me). One thing for certain this shows how disconnected I have been lately with the design process. I have never had a problem before outlining and mapping out the trajectory of a Brand and where the next steps played out, but for some reason this has me scattered. Which is a good thing, I'm here for it; the things that need fixing that it.I need fixing. A mental detox if you will. I've already seen and experienced the change in thought process since I've entered into this contract of "Respecting the Experience". Why would this be treated any different.

My next few weeks I plan on mastering workflows to my fullest capacity and giving it my full respect before moving on to the design stage.


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